United Sounds

Welcome to the page for the United Sounds project!  

With translations in 370+ languages, we're working to build the largest collection of audio recordings of the United Nations' Universal Declaration of Human Rights

But United Sounds requires a united effort...and we need your help.

Why get involved?

There's a famine in Somalia where 29,000 children have died and thousands more risk the same fate if they cannot gain access to basic nourishment.

There are riots in London where young people are taking their anger out on streets and stores, and the property rights of those storeowners are being violated. 

There are countless instances around the world where human rights issues are front and centre. 

We may agree or disagree with specific instances, or how people to chose to exercise their rights, but the fundamental concept of human rights itself is irrefutable. 

It's not just cases like Darfur, foreign and distant for most of us, but basic rights and freedoms - freedom of speech, of assembly, the right to vote, the right to own and retain property - the fundamental rights that keep societies together and engender freedom. 

That's why the UDHR is so important to each and every person on the planet, and why United Sounds can make a timely and significant contribution to the discourse surrounding human rights today.

So - get involved!  Follow these steps to record a submission, check for regular project updates, add your thoughts to the discussion of human rights...we look forward to adding your voice to United Sounds!  

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